Wild Zoo Furniture Computer Desk For 1 Child Grow Kit, Natural

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Computer Desk For 1 Child Grow Kit
Wild Zoo Furniture Computer Desk For 1 Child Grow Kit Natural Image 1

Wild Zoo Furniture, Inc

Color: Natural
Package Quantity: 1

Looking to buy the latest childs furniture? Look into the Computer Desk - a great childs furniture from Wild Zoo Furniture, Inc! One of the key features for this furniture is the makes an existing pre-school computer desk the grade school height. Other features include replaces shorter legs with taller ones. The child's desk dimensions are 4"H x 23"L x 8"W and it weighs only 4 lbs. These furniture is available in natural. UPC Number 850289002987. Research the many choices there is available for buying a desk. There are lots of sources where you can get yourself a desk, along with reviews you will get the right items. There are a lot fantastic online home furniture suppliers that make it simple to find the desk you'd like. Buying a Computer Desk. To get the best offer for this childs furniture as well as other children's desks, check out our partners via the button below.

The pre-school pc desk grow kit will make an existing pre-school pc desk the grade school height, alleviating the should purchase a new desk. before ordering the pre-school pc desk develop kit, please measure the height of your existing desk. the develop kit is developed to be installed on a desk that is 19-Inch tall from the floor to the top from the desktop. when the develop kit is installed, the look and function of the desk is identical to a factory ordered grade school buddy desk. the develop kit will raise the seat an additional 2-Inch from the floor and improve the distance amongst the seat and desk top 2-Inch for easier entry plus enhance the desktop height an additional 4-Inch. if your desk is 23-Inch tall, then it is already the grade school size. the grow kit consist of a totally new set of grade school size legs that can replace the existing pre-school size legs on your desk. also, please make sure that the seat on your desk is attached to the frame with 2 (two) bolts and not 3 (if.


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